Who we are

RockPile as the name defines Earth & Assortments.

Our foundation strongly believes in being connected to earth and reaching out to contribute towards social transformation & well being.

Our prime concern is commitment to design excellence, innovation and sustainability.

We create impactful projects with aesthetic integrity and an enduring design character.

Our Story

“To conceptualize you must have basic knowledge, to plan you must be a good organizer & to create you must have Passion.”

Many of us learnt Adventure taking so called 'Family Trips' ...similarly I grew up with same getting it from his well-travelled parents, which formed an integral part of my foundation years. This exposure gave me risk taking ability and zeal to expose myself with new places. Observation, understanding & innovation is what has been a root to having built the foundation of Rockpile. These opportunities & range of experiences also helped me to rationalize... this bits were very helpful to pursuit Discipline & Design.


Team of spirited, Skilled professionals with an Inquisitive approach and a desire to innovate and excel.

We approach each project as a unique challenge. Our integrated practice brings together experts in space planning to create innovative Solutions.