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Services Offered Live, Work, Create

We at Rockpile think of honest integration with a continuous effort to blend nature in life. Human Value Is Prime, hence sensitivity holds the key ingredient for design and construction. We seek a smile in an initiative to fulfill dreams. Rockpile Innovation, a design driven establishment is located in the buzzing city of Ahmedabad, India established in 2000.

We know and realize a client's dilemma in handing over His precious ambition of making a House, a Commercial, an Office or in that case developing any property or space. We at Rockpile commit that our motto is to achieve the best, Human Value is always prime to our team.

Rockpile is proud to give timely deliveries not compromising on needs of the client for which we have lots of satisfied clients whom you can refer to for boosting your trust in us.

We Team Rockpile dedicate honesty and integrity into each project to imbibe qualities and reflection of client's needs and persona. We always have aimed to provide value for money, design solutions, considering and imparting uniqueness to each project. This reflects in our project research for which we step into customer's shoe to understand their needs, requirements, luxury and utility..



OurĀ team has extensive experience in providing strategic, financial and operational advice as well as in complete designing architectural plans.


Our team consists of passionate professionals in interior space design, who have won accolades for their persistent performance, offering solutions adapted to the latest trends.


Every Space calls for an Identity... Forward thinking, we are always on the lookout for new trends with a team of interior designers whose mission is to create unique and personalized space experience.


All your renovation projects involving expansion, extension or rebuilding. Rockpile offers a wholesome service. Your project will be implemented following Lawful standardsĀ and put together by a team of professionals who will perform a lasting work in no time.

Home Automation

Rockpile Construction offers home improvement services with automation system. A simple to use technology that lets you control your electronics from embedded touchscreens, your computer, your electronic tablet and even remotely from your smartphone!

Multi-room music: Enjoy and access your digital music collection (XM, Sirius, your personal library, etc.) anywhere in your home.

Intelligent lighting: Control of ambient lighting using timers, motion sensors, and dimmers to create moods and reduce energy costs.

Temperature control: Helps save energy and ensures comfort from a simple screen.

Security: Integrating a security system to monitor your home and family from virtually anywhere in the world.